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by rumzeus
Oct 25, 2010
9:11 AM

Being evaluated

Changing ItemsSource at runtime leads to an exception
'[Unknown]' property does not point to a DependencyObject in path '(0)[0].(1)[1].(2).(3)[0].(4)'.

Avoid this by not starting animations during PrepareContainerForItemOverride and ClearContainerForItemOverride. Instead use Dispatcher.BeginInvoke to start the animations subsequently.



by rehan
Aug 24, 2010
8:02 AM

Being evaluated

1. ElementFlow now inherits from Selector rather than ItemsControl. This gives us SelectedItem, SelectedIndex, etc.
2. Fixed setting Visibility to collapsed caused an exception.
3. Added a new boolean setting which causes the camera to be moved back or forward so that it is always the same distance away from the front item. This has been filed as a bug and has been requested. This is useful when your ElementFlow control has no fixed size and can be resized (Added new code for this, no change to existing code).


by BrianGenisio
Apr 5, 2010
5:36 PM

Being evaluated

Adding OnDragLeave notification so the Target Advisor can know when to disable a visual effect.


by ljuk
Feb 20, 2010
8:20 PM

Being evaluated

This is an updated patch to overwrite schungx`s one.

It is a quick solution for Carousel View State Layout and transparency issue

The CarouselSymmetricLayout class was added. It calculates the item depth based on item indexes and selected index for the Carousel

More info you can find on these two figures

The solution is not flexible for all Carousel`s arrangement cases cause the PopoutDisctance is ignored


by schungx
Jan 25, 2010
12:52 AM

Being evaluated

(1) Added depth sorting to ElementFlow which allows transparent items to work correctly.

LayoutBase is split into three different versions: LayoutBase (which sorts sequentially), SymmetricLayout (which sorts the selected item either to the front or to the back depending on the popout distance), and ReverseLayout (which sorts in reverse). Each view state is derived from the appropriate layout.

TODO: Currently, the 3D model is re-sorted whenever the selected item changes. This may not be necessary. For example, both the sequential sort and reverse sort layouts do not depend on the selected item and may not require re-sorting. However, then you must be careful to do a resort whenever the view state changes.

(2) Added "Loop" dependency property to ElementFlow

Does what it says: "loops" the collection around at the end. Very useful when handling carousel or rolodex-type views.

(3) Separate animations for the selected item in ElementFlow

Originally, all the items in ElementFlow move similarly. I have created separate animations for the selected item (see changes in InternalResources.xaml).

I also changed the whole lot to PennerDoubleAnimation.ExpoEaseOut, but change the "Z" axis animation of the selected item to a bounce. These cause the whole ElementFlow to have a very snappy feeling and the selected item "bounces" out to you.

(4) Added SlightBounceEaseOut/In to PennerDoubleAnimation

Less "bounce" than the standard BounceEaseOut/In.


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