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Some Suggestions for ElementFlow

Oct 19, 2009 at 1:01 PM

Hello there,

again let me first thank you for creating such an extensive library for spicing up next generation UIs. While ElementFlow
is already a pretty impressive Control that easily compares to commercial solutions there are certain flaws which restrict
possible target scenarios.

For example, in my opinion, the use of ModelUIElement3D is a little bit problematic. While it is good and applicable
if the only thing you want to display is plain images, it limits the usability of more complex UserControls placed within ElementFlow.
Since it's ElementFlow (and not ImageFlow) the whole thing should probably use Viewport2DVisual3D like Thriple does.

By the way, Thriple is also an impressive solution for arranging Controls in 3D space, altough compared to ElementFlow it's layout capabilities
are quite limited. A mashup of Thriple's 3D Control features and proper Transparency handling should be combined with ElementFlows unique extensibility.

Unfortunately there is no much i can contribute coding-wise, but I would be glad to offer my time testing future versions of ElementFlow. So I hope, that Pavan finds
some time to revamp ElementFlow.


Greetings from cold Germany,




Oct 20, 2009 at 5:00 PM


         I agree on the features you suggested and will definitely consider it for the next revamp. Are there any specific scenarios besides interactive controls, that you are interested in ?