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ElementFlow TroubleShooting and its use in WinForms

May 28, 2009 at 8:57 AM


I want to implement the element flow in a WinForms application. I know how to add a the ElementFlow in a WinForm, but I couldn't get it running. Even in the WPF provided sample, I have some questions:

1. How to add some images (Image objects) instead of passing the address of file. I don't have any files, I read covers from MP3 files' ID3 tags.

2. I could creat reflection but the problem is, I want to use reflection only for 2 of the views, how to do that?

3. When the width and height of the images are different, the images are stretched, how can I keep the ratio?

4. I don't want any border, when I set the color of the border to Transparent or Black, and set the size of border to 0 and run the application, there's something still there.

5. I cannot make the covers bigger, even if I set the ElementWidth and ElementHeight to a bigger size, it makes no difference.

6. Sometimes when the reflection is on, some of the image have a WHITE reflection, why is that?

7. The ElementFlow has a property named HasReflection, I found in this forum that I have to change the template in order to add reflection, so what is that for?

Any help would be appreciated.