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ElementFlow - DnD ItemSource Item Integration?

Mar 2, 2010 at 6:06 PM

Hello All:

  Firstly I would like to thank all involved in creating this fantastic project!  I am extremely impressed and thankful to have found such a project!  :)

  I am just starting to get into the code design for a WPF project where I am using the ElementFlow Control as a means for choosing functionality from the application under construction.  I have my items added to the Control and have wired up my events thus far.  What I would like to implement is the capability for a user to drag one of the Items from the control onto a "WorkSurface".  I have seen a post on this site that contains a suggestion of using the Drag & Drop manager to do so, however I am very unclear as to where to start.  Does anyone have some advice or sample code that can assist me in this pursuit?  I am starting with the need to capture the clicked ElementFlow "Item" and dropping in into what is currently a WPF Grid.  I think that I can change the destination to be another object if need be; but anything at this point to help me grab the Item from the ElementFlow control...rambling now...


Thanks in advance!

Mar 3, 2010 at 1:03 PM

Hi there,

     Currently ElementFlow does not expose mouse-click events externally. However if you are adventurous, you can easily expose this yourself. It will need some digging into the code to expose the right set of events (say MouseLeftButtonDown). You can then use that to trigger a DnD operation. I think someone on this forum has already done that. A quick search might bring up that post.


Ping me offline if you need more direction on this.